Oral Cancer Screening in Lancaster, PA: Empowering Early Detection

When it comes to safeguarding your oral health and overall well-being, few services offer as much potential as an oral cancer screening. Especially for residents in Lancaster, PA, and surrounding areas like Manheim Township, Lancaster Township, Millersville, Bausman, and Willow Street, Hempfield Dental Care stands as a beacon of preventive healthcare. Driven by the expert guidance of Dr. Daniel C. West, Dr. Alessio G. Scott, and Dr. Kyle J. Durante, our team understands the immense benefits of early detection.

What is an oral cancer screening?

An oral cancer screening is a meticulous examination aimed at spotting early signs of oral cancer. While lifestyle factors such as smoking and chewing tobacco elevate the risk, even non-smokers are susceptible. Dr. Durante, Dr. Scott, and Dr. West recommend an annual screening as part of a comprehensive oral health strategy, ensuring that any potential issues are caught and addressed promptly.

Why are oral cancer screenings so important?

Oral cancer, if detected early, has a considerably higher success rate in treatment. Notably, while those with habits like smoking or chewing tobacco are at an increased risk, even those who have quit these habits years ago aren't entirely risk-free. And it's not just about tobacco users; even if you've lived a tobacco-free life, it's essential to be proactive in safeguarding your health. Regular screenings at Hempfield Dental Care can be pivotal in circumventing future oral health complications.

When is an oral cancer screening recommended?

Ideally, an annual oral cancer screening is advised for most adults. Especially if you have indulged in tobacco-related products or if there's a history of cancer in your family, these check-ups are non-negotiable. The convenience and speed of the procedure at our Lancaster facility mean that the benefits vastly outweigh any perceived inconvenience.

What should I expect during my oral cancer screening?

Your screening will commence with a typical dental examination. Dr. Durante or Dr. Scott might then lift your tongue to inspect beneath it, subsequently examining both the insides and outsides of your mouth. They're primarily on the lookout for any unusual signs, including odd lesions, bumps, or plaque-like films, which could be indicative of oral cancer. In the event of any concerning discovery, further tests or biopsies may be suggested. However, rest assured that most screenings don't reveal any worrisome findings. But, the peace of mind and potential early detection make them invaluable.

What are the risk and complications of oral cancer screening?

While oral cancer screenings are generally non-invasive and safe, it's paramount to remember that no medical procedure is entirely without risk. There could be instances of false positives or, on the rare occasion, false negatives. However, with the state-of-the-art technology employed at Hempfield Dental Care, the accuracy and reliability are top-notch.

What are the advantages of oral cancer screening?

Beyond the primary benefit of early detection, these screenings empower individuals with knowledge about their oral health. The peace of mind obtained, knowing that you're taking proactive steps for your health, is incomparable.

What happens after the oral cancer screening?

If all goes well and no abnormalities are detected, you'll be advised on your next screening date. If there's any cause for concern, our team might suggest further diagnostic tests or interventions.

Harnessing innovative tools like OralID, a product of Forward Science, our team offers efficient, affordable, and accurate screenings. With its advanced fluorescence technology, OralID illuminates oral mucosal abnormalities that might otherwise go unnoticed. It’s part of our commitment to offering the communities of Lancaster, Manheim Township, and beyond the best in dental care.

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